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 Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.

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Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.  Empty
PostSubject: Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.    Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.  I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 3:02 pm

As you all probably know, Freudenstachel uses the same exact passwords as its predecessor, initially lifted from Mega Man 4. However, for players that have experienced crashes when fighting the Schwarzkreuz, then finding out after rebooting and entering the password to go to their stages, renders all the Schwarzkreuz undefeated, forcing you to go though from scratch.

While it probably was easier not to work in a new password system and just recycle the first game's, Mega Man 3's passwords were built around the Doc Robot system, of four extra stages after the initial eight. The passwords in Mega Man 3, if implemented into RKSF, could potentially be used to remember which of the four Schwarzkreuz were defeated prior to a crash. Say you defeat both Eifer and the Refrakita twins then experience a crash going through Pamela's stage, Instead of entering the MM4 password that takes you directly to the Schwarzkreuz, you'd instead enter this password:
Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.  ScreenShot2012-11-05at15532PM

This would still take you to the Schwarzkreuz, however now only Pamela and Schirach are left to defeat, as you bested Eifer and the Refrakita Twins before. Not only that, but this password system can also read how many Cross Tanks were acquired.

The only catch is with this system, an extra series of "cracks" would have to be entered to determine whenever the player is in Arcade or Story Mode, and if the player found the Black Forest's Treasure in Liebea's stage.
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Mega Man 3's passwords vs. Mega Man 4's.
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