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 Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis

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PostSubject: Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis   Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 12:31 am

So, what I'm going to do here is explain some things about the characters and in RKS.
You may be wondering, "Who would analyze a single doujin game?" but I have my reasons for this.

I believe that the two creators of RKS were planning on making an eroge game with girls named after emotions. This is partly based on the facts that tsunderes often have twintails like Zorne, that some names don't seem to make sense, and that the German is basic.

Here is a breakdown:

Spiritia- The power of spirit is strong, so it makes sense for her to be a main character. I sort of wonder if she was added late in the development.

Grolla- For an antiheroine, a name based on a grudge is appropriate. Could be an "action/tough girl".

Zorne- Originally a tsundere. Was paired up with Trauare because opposites attract. (Fire+water)

Trauare- The serious girl with a playful side. Perfect for an eroge game.

Luste- Lolicon.

Sichte- Name could be "seer" or something, which works with her power. She is the obligatory busty girl, although why she was paired up with Grolla I can't tell. They are probably the creators' two favorite characters.

Schwer- Otaku stereotype, or a shut-in at least. She stays alone in a room, wears a catsuit, her close friend is a squid, and she gets violent over some as simple as her friends not celebrating her birthday. Also has creepy eyebrows.

Liebea- Cute, emotional, female pacifist. Also perfect for an eroge game. Think about it.

Iris- They wouldn't want the last boss to be male, and they also needed a Dr. Wily expy.

Sepperin- Dracula clone. Do I need to say more?

Seyfarth- Since Death was Dracula's close friend in Castlevania, they made Seyfarth different.

Freudia- Alright. Her name was not supposed to be Freudia.
It was supposed to be an ice reference like, "Freezia", not about joy.
Does it REALLY make sense for an icicle gun to be called Freuden Stachel?
A name about ice fits her better, anyway.

You see, the characters are stereotypes or expies, so it is easy for anyone to pick up the game. My idea also explains why the characters have big breasts. Er, I mean, the female characters do. This is why I don't enjoy the game as much any more.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

By the way, the spelling mistake on Liebea's weapon is okay because strum and sturm come out meaning the same things in English, but it still kinda pathetic.
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PostSubject: Re: Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis   Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 24, 2012 10:22 am

Maybe your right, but I think what they have now is a lot better than what you say they may have been doing in the first place. WOMI is clearly capable of creating an eroge game with these characters, no doubt about that, but I think this is what he was aiming for, otherwise it would have went the other way. Just because a girl has big breasts doesn't make it meant for a porno or vice-versa, she just has superior bust than some others do.

Plus, why would you let that stop you from enjoying the game as much as you "used to"? What happened there that made you stop liking it? Was it the idea of it not being eroge or just because you thought it was supposed to be and it wasn't?
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Rosenkruzstillette Character Analysis
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