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 Contacting [erka:es], Has anyone done it?

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Contacting [erka:es], Has anyone done it? Empty
PostSubject: Contacting [erka:es], Has anyone done it?   Contacting [erka:es], Has anyone done it? I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 10:19 am

Well, what I'm basically saying is, aside from Trick Master Mint and possibly TDOMMX, has any member of the dungeon have or knows of someone who was able to send a e-mail to [erka] and/or WOMI and receive an actual reply in e-mail format, excluding replies in the [erka] blog?

I have never, not once in my entire life, have received an reply to any of my e-mails, no matter how many times I tried to tell him and Isemiya that I was finished with that SuperCrap BS and that I was no longer doing anything to harm the Rosenkreuzstilette series and its roster of characters.
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Contacting [erka:es], Has anyone done it?
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